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Ground is a space for living and the indispensable basis for nutrition, for life, space and property. It is the basis for individual and collective human action. People dance, laugh, cry, play sports, pray, celebrate, demonstrate on the ground – practically every human activity requires ground. And we are a part of it.

Ground connects people all over the world – regardless of their origin, gender or religion. In times when people stand up together for their freedom, for justice and their personal ideals, places become meeting points where big and small stories are written and the world is changed.


For us, ground is the ultimate metaphor for understanding, diversity, tolerance and life.


In our search for locations and points of view that bring people together, we have encountered inspiring places and characters whose stories we recount here. The result is fascinating pictures and interesting reports from all over the world. We have incorporated what is special about these places into our first "One Ground Design Collection", which focuses on the story behind the ground. Eight completely new floorings have thus been created that combine the inspiration of the places with the design of your home.


Let us design our ground together: One world. One ground.

Places, people, grounds – one ground
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Eight places, eight inspirations
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Zollverein Colliery, Essen
For four weeks in summer, the former works swimming pool of Essen's Zollverein Colliery becomes a generation-spanning meeting place against the backdrop of industrial architecture amid decay and new beginnings.
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Amarger Slope Copen Hill, Copenhagen
On the roof of Copenhagen's new waste incineration plant, outdoor skiers meet and give a new meaning to functional urban space.
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Floating Farm, Rotterdam
In the heart of the Rotterdam container port, the Floating Farm opens up new space for nature and the environment.
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Sala Borsa Library, Bologna
In the heart of the historic old town, built on Roman ruins, the Sala Borsa municipal library proves that culture and literature are still the most important links between people.
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Mercado Central de Atarazanas, Malaga
Stained glass windows, colourful stands, exotic food and smells, locals and tourists – the historic Mercado Central de Atarazanas market hall fascinates with its vibrant diversity.
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Panathinaiko Stadium, Athens
The Athens Marathon, the mother of all running events, attracts professional athletes and amateurs from all over the world every year, each covering the 42,195 km to the marble Panathinaiko stadium on historical tracks – supported by countless spectators along the time-honoured route.
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Xiangshan Campus, Hangzhou
Designed by the Chinese star architect Wang Shu, the campus of the country's largest art school combines modern and traditional Chinese architecture and reflects the relationship of the Chinese to architecture, nature and philosophy.
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Rann of Kutcch, Dhordo
For a few weeks a year, the Rann of Kutch, a huge marshland area in the Indian state of Gujarat, turns into a salt desert that delights tourists and locals alike with its impressive nature and landscape, reviving the culture of the Gujarati people.
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One Ground Design Edition
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The clear lines of the industrial architecture of the former Zollverein colliery in Essen were the inspiration for the expressive Modular ONE flooring. Linear structures in rust brown contrast with the cool steel grey. Some of the lines are only hinted at, appearing to be carried along by work and time – just as the Zeche Zollverein World Cultural Heritage Site defies the signs of the times.
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The glass floor in the foyer of the Sala Borsa Library in Bologna offers a view of ancient Roman ruins. The unusual, linear structure of the glass blocks in contrast to the curves of the coffered ceiling and the surrounding gallery served as inspiration for the engineered wood flooring.
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For more than 100 years, the large colourful stained glass window of the Mercado Central de Atarazanas market hall in Malaga has fascinated visitors. The shapes and colours of this delicate treasure as well as elements of the building's neo-Arabic architecture are reflected in an unusual laminate flooring in vintage tile look.
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The Modular ONE floor "Athen", which has translated the shimmering white marble of the venerable Panathinaiko Stadium into a modern and contemporary resilient floor covering, follows in the footsteps of history.
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Huge cranes and mighty container ships dominate the image of the Port of Rotterdam – and the decor of the One Ground laminate flooring. The interplay of weathering wood and metal, warm brown and cool turquoise tones has created an unmistakable decor that perfectly complements the classic country house kitchen as well as the modern loft living room.
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The structured façade of the new Copenhagen waste incineration plant turns the building designed by the star architect, Bjarke Ingels, into a new tourist attraction in the Danish capital and provides the inspiration for the light, typically Scandinavian oak engineered wood flooring with contrasting dark elements.
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Rann of Kutch
The sunset over the Indian Rann of Kutch salt desert and the folkloric craftsmanship of the Gujarati people form the template for the vinyl flooring in flattering shades of violet with restrained ornamentation.
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Tradition meets modernity on the Xiangshan Campus. The world-renowned architect, Wang Shu, has combined elements and materials of classical Chinese architecture with contemporary components. Following this role model, the vinyl flooring combines patterns of historic, Asian roof shingles with surfaces in a modern concrete look.
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