Places with the soul of our flooring

People around the world trust the quality and design standards of Parador. Our floorings are an expression of creativity and high quality. They reflect the character of a room and its residents.


Take a look with us at extraordinary architecture, exciting living spaces and people who have created places of particular authenticity with Parador flooring.

  • Private house Norway

    Private house Norway

  • Volksbank Freiburg

    Volksbank Freiburg

  • The Bloke

    The Bloke

  • Yoga Institute Hamburg

    Yoga Institute Hamburg

  • Father and daughter project

    Father and daughter project

  • Private house Mallorca

    Private house Mallorca

  • Earlstreet


  • Craft Café Dubai

    Craft Café Dubai

  • Transport Museum Dover

    Transport Museum Dover

  • Ex-Café Hamburg

    Ex-Café Hamburg

  • New Apostolic church

    New Apostolic church

  • Houseboat