Totally suitable for everyday use: improved water resistance

Spilt drinks, an overturned vase of flowers, splashes of water – everyday life asks a lot from the flooring. At Parador, we are constantly working to make our products the perfect companion for the demands of everyday life. The improved water resistance across the entire product range makes our floors the right choice for use in any living space.

Special product structure

Thanks to their special product structure, our floors offer very good protection against standing water. Depending on the product category, the water resistance varies from up to 24 hours protection with standing water to 100 hours*.


*excluding floors laid in herringbone pattern

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Waterproof design floors
Those who want to be absolutely on the safe side are well advised to choose waterproof flooring from the design flooring range. The waterproof floors (vinyl with SPC core board and Modular ONE Hydron) can be installed in rooms with high moisture levels, such as bathrooms, without any problems.
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Whether wood or stone
The cosy wood look is just as resistant to moisture as the classic stone-look designs.
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