Chevron Beautiful wood flooring

The classical elegance of chevron

We believe in creating timeless floors that will inspire for decades to come. Our new Chevron collection offers just that: created in beautiful, warm tones, it is made from high-quality oak wood that is guaranteed to transform any living space.


Selected woods from sustainably managed forests are the raw material for the high-quality Chevron parquet. Traditionally known as the French version of herringbone installation, it offers countless installation options for stylish interior design – the perfect floor for customising private homes and large residential projects.

Six oak colours in Chevron design

Plank look:
Chevron-strip with bevelled head edges (45° angle), left and right strips
610 x 90 x 15 mm
Top layer:
3,5 mm
Bevel design:
4-sided mini bevel
Product construction:
3-layer sandwich composition
Design your dream floor

The distinctive "V" of chevron strip flooring is traditionally found in the French herringbone pattern. In addition, the planks offer a variety of other installation options. They can be combined into an individual installation pattern and varied in many ways. And it's not just the installation that is individual:It's not just the installation that is individual, we offer bespoke surfaces and colours starting at 300 m².


The installation of chevron parquet requires a high degree of precision and craftsmanship. For lasting joint stability, full-surface gluing and installation by a professional is required.


Technical highlights

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