The new Parador room designer

Experience the floor of your choice directly in your own home with just one click. All you need is your smartphone and any room in your home receives a new Parador floor.


It's that simple: Choose a floor you like from our products and click on the room designer icon. We will then direct you to our new room designer, from where the rest is self-explanatory.


Or you can open our new room designer directly without selecting a floor beforehand:

Directly to the room designer

Parador PlanBar

With the room planner, you can simply do your room planning online. Choose from the comprehensive range of laminate, engineered wood or vinyl floors or from the Modular ONE and Eco Balance PUR range.


You do not need to download the room planner, but can try out your furnishing idea online immediately and without any obligation. The online room design works similarly to, for example, the planning software for kitchens, wall design or a furnishing planner.