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General questions about our products

Here you will find all answers to your general questions about our products for floor, wall and ceiling design.

Technical Details

What is the reason for the planks becoming warped and cupped?
What is the reason for the flooring bulging upwards?
Who do I have to contact if I want to make a complaint?
My floor makes noises when I walk on it – is that normal?


Must the old flooring be removed before installation?
Can I install Parador flooring on underfloor heating systems?
Are there any requirements for the substrate?
What wall distances and distances to fixed components must be observed?
Can I even out bumps?
Where can I get good installation instructions?
Where in the room should I start with the installation process?
Why must a vapour barrier be used?
What are the installation options?
What environmental conditions must be present for the installation?
Which adhesives do you recommend for gluing Parador flooring over the whole area when suitable for this purpose?
What is the fastest way to get samples?
How much residual moisture may the substrate have and what condition must it be in?

Care and maintenance

May I use a steam cleaner to clean Parador flooring?
Which cleaning agent should I use?
How can I protect my design flooring from damage caused by furniture?
How do I maintain my flooring properly?


I dropped something heavy and damaged my flooring. Can I repair a damaged plank in the middle of my flooring without removing the whole floor?

What happens if the floor is damaged after installation?

Areas of application

Which of your floor coverings are suitable for wet rooms?
What do you have to bear in mind when installing flooring in the bathroom?
Can I install your flooring in a conservatory?

Other things you should know

Is your flooring suitable for pets?
Are your floor coverings certified?
Which castors are best suited for office chairs with Parador flooring?
What do the wear classes reveal?