Lubert Winnecken will be stepping down as CEO of Parador and will join the Parador Advisory Board effective 1st October 2020

Coesfeld, in July 2020: After more than 15 years as a board member of Parador Lubert Winnecken (53) decided to reach out for a new professional challenge.

„Parador is brilliantly armed for the future and I am very confident that it is equipped with the best management team to deliver the desired growth and meet the shareholder´s expectations. I´m filled with honor, that I was allowed for a long time to steer the fortune and contribute to the results with my service for Parador and its employees. With the same spirit I will fullfil my engagement in my forthcoming function within the advisory board of Parador.“ states Lubert Winnecken.


The two Managing Directors in charge, Stefan Kuekenhoehner (CSO) and Hendrik Voss (CTO), will lead the operational business together with Ulrich Ketteler (Head of Finance) effective 1st of October 2020.


Lubert Winnecken will be in the lead as CEO until the end of September 2020 and moves to the freshly instituted advisory board of the Parador Holding GmbH at the beginning of October 2020, which will consist of the representative of the Indian shareholder, MD & CEO of the HIL-Group, Mr Dhirup Roy Choudhary, and him.


„As shareholders, we are confident that this continued liaison with Mr Winnecken will safeguard the strategic direction of Parador. We are very pleased to perpetuate the way forward to the best interests of the organization and its employees. We would like to thank Mr Winnecken that he formed his legacy with a well positioned company where he invested over a long time, his leadership and passion, very successfully.“ states Dhirup Roy Choudhary.


With his start at Parador midst of 2005, the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering initiated to strive the expansion and internationalisation of the company enthusiastically forward, and could achieve high growth rates with his team, especially in the time period under his full leadership within Parador. Under his leadership Parador developed to be the best known enduser brand in the field of floorings on the German market. Simultaneously the designed strategies for Germany, Europe and Overseas became a fruitful reality.


Winnecken also helped to shape and directed the carve-out from the Huels-Group in 2016 and could form the legally standalone Parador-Group, first with the NordHolding as the main shareholder and then with the Indian HIL-Group in 2018 as the longterm sole shareholder.

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