New engineered wood flooring products for 2021

Coesfeld, November 2020: Whether for a rustic country house, purist city villa or modern loft – Parador engineered wood flooring is always happy to be used when style, elegance and the highest demands on interior design are required. In the search for unique, durable floors, a symbiosis of the precious material wood, the special way it is processed and new technological possibilities have resulted in inimitable products for the 2021 range, which impress people with style and a sense of values.

Symbiosis of technology and design

With its 2021 range update, Parador invites you on a voyage of discovery to new colours, formats and surface finishes. Special attention is paid to the latest generation of engineered wood flooring in an untreated wood look. With the Scandinavian light "Oak sanded" from the Classic 3060 product line, Parador presents a floor with an untreated character in a new extra matt finish that looks particularly natural. The new oak decors "Castle", "Chalet" and "Askada" from the Trendtime 4 product line also feature exciting untreated wood looks with grey sections.


In addition to new decors, the Classic 3060 product line also features a technical innovation: the surface finish "extra matt lacquer professional" from the bestseller "Oak Natur" withstands even intensive use and, not without reason, has the highest wear class according to EPH.


Absolute beacons of new engineered wood flooring products are the "Iconics" decors, with which modern, extraordinary and bold designs with iconographic potential are incorporated into the range. Light and lively, reminiscent of a feather, the "Iconics" engineered wood flooring "Indian Breeze" comes in the colours "sanded" and "smoked". It is a harmonious companion in the room and opens up completely new design perspectives on the floor. Very delicate patterns were milled into the extra-matt, naturally refined wood surface of the oak wide plank, which, in combination with design, turn the living material of wood into a living work of art.

Another highlight is the "Trendtime 8" product line

with the formats Multiplank and Loftplank. Through the combination

of design and technology, a unique, new look

has emerged: the use of several different wide planks – from 1-strip to several strips – reveals a masterpiece of craftsmanship.


The fact that elegant, sophisticated and modern engineered wood floors do not necessarily have to be made of oak is demonstrated by the "Trendtime 6" engineered wood flooring, "European maple grey", with its contemporary interpretation of a classic strip flooring design, which, thanks to its exclusive colour with liming and sawn textures, has moved onto the list of the new design favourites. The unprecedented vintage sawn texture in the crossways and longitudinal direction makes the engineered wood flooring a real "eye-catcher".


Beech also deserves new attention and was refined to make a new flooring in Parador's creative workshop:

"Beech elephant skin" shows off a unique surface texture combined with a distinct and

lively assortment, which is rarely seen in beech. An almost forgotten classic is experiencing its renaissance here.


The new products will be available from May 1, 2021.


The new products at a glance:

  • 14 new items
  • 2 new Iconics products
  • 3 new surface finishes
  • Further development of the successful untreated look as a new sanded version with extra-matt surfaces
  • Vintagesawn texture with saw marks running simultaneously crossways and lengthways
  • Unique Multiplank and Loft planks


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