Parador wants climate-neutral production at the Coesfeld and Güssing sites by 2025

Coesfeld, August 2021 - The management of Parador has now decided on a catalog of measures to massively reduce carbon dioxide emissions in production by 2025 and to make production at the Coesfeld and Güssing sites climate-neutral. Parador is thus setting another important milestone in its sustainability management, to which the company has already been successfully committed for many years.

In future, Parador will also report in accordance with the DNK standard

In order to achieve its ambitious goal of further significantly reducing its CO2 emissions in production at the Coesfeld and Güssing sites and making them completely climate-neutral by 2025, Parador has developed a comprehensive catalog of measures to gradually reduce the carbon dioxide balance each year. This includes steps such as switching to 100% green electricity, avoiding heating oil in the future and resource-efficient production, among others.


Further measures on the subject of resource efficiency and EcoDesign criteria of the Federal Environment Agency have already been scheduled in order to adapt them for Parador in future product developments. For example, the company has now for the first time surveyed the CO2 footprint for the Coesfeld and Güssing sites and for the individual product categories as part of its sustainability management. In the long term, the plan is to reduce emissions along the value chain.


As part of its EMAS III certification, the second revalidation of which has now been successfully completed, Parador has published an annual environmental statement validated by an external environmental auditor since 2016. In it, Parador communicates, among other things, its measures and results in the area of sustainability management. A further step towards sustainable management is the application of the German Sustainability Code (DNK), to which Parador has committed itself. The German Sustainability Code is an internationally highly regarded and applicable reporting standard for sustainability aspects. The DNK describes minimum requirements for reporting on non-financial performance by companies. It is managed by the Office of the German Council for Sustainable Development, which works on behalf of the German federal government. The aim is to present the company's sustainability information in future in accordance with this globally recognized, uniform key and thus to significantly further develop Parador's sustainability communication.

Parador was the first company in the flooring industry to prepare a DNK report. For the 2022 financial year, the company will for the first time prepare a sustainability report that takes into account both EMAS and DNK standards. In this way, the Coesfeld-based flooring manufacturer creates further comparability and transparency with regard to its sustainability performance and thus continues to underline its attitude of living and implementing responsibility for our society.

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