The comeback of panels

Coesfeld, June 2022 - In the 70s and 80s, ceiling panels were an indispensable part of interior design. In plain white or natural wood look, they provided cosiness in rooms and fulfilled functional aspects, for example in the renovation of old buildings. Then, however, the classic panels for wall and ceiling design fell out of fashion and developed the image of being conservative and dusty. Now, however, decorative panels are celebrating their furious comeback and, with their modern, contemporary look, are once again becoming favourites in design-conscious interior design.

Contemporary living room design

"In the course of the ongoing retro trend, panels are also celebrating a comeback," knows Christian Ebbing, Product Manager Wall, Ceiling and Accessories at Parador. The application and design options here are diverse, he says. "On the one hand, the topic of wall design is currently big in general, and on the other hand, the real estate boom is contributing to the fact that quick and smart solutions are being sought, especially for old buildings and renovation projects," says the expert. The comparatively easy installation of panel solutions makes a decisive contribution to this. Walls and ceilings can be given a modern look without the need for tedious filling, sanding and painting. Existing substructures can even be reused, because the modern panels with filigree design joints can be installed effortlessly thanks to the click mechanism and matching fastening claws.


While panels were often used over the entire surface in the past and thus sometimes left a heavy, almost constricting impression, they are now used to accentuate individual areas.  Expressive decors, such as "Polygon Iconics" in grey and powder from the Parador product line Rapidoclick, serve as eye-catchers here. In reference to the Japanese art of origami folding, the filigree decor looks three-dimensional and is reminiscent of the crackle effect of ceramic tiles. The interplay of elegant lines, soft corners and lively, restrained colouring creates a lightness that puts the room in a good mood.


Trend-conscious people are also increasingly turning to real wood panels, which look particularly natural and elegant at the same time and are therefore ideal for both the popular Scandi style and the Midcentury look. The bestseller par excellence is also very popular: white panels that set restrained accents.


"We are currently working on new ideas and concepts to meet the growing demand for wall and ceiling design products," Christian Ebbing reveals. The strong growth in this area last year shows that panels have left their niche existence and are back. The success story is set to continue.

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