Correctly installing Modular ONE

Installing and maintaining Parador floorings is uncomplicated and easy to learn, even for hobby DIY enthusiasts. So that everything goes quickly and smoothly, our experts will show you the right techniques and tricks for installing your Parador floor covering at this point.


Please note that the installation of Modular ONE is identical to the installation of vinyl flooring with HDF core board shown in the video. For product-specific information and technical recommendations on Modular ONE, please also read our installation instructions or product guide. You can find them to download below the videos.


Your new floor covering must first adapt to the new room climate for 48 hours at a minimum of 17 degrees Celsius. Please also refer to the product information for installation. The substrate must be dry, firm and even. No underlay is required for Parador vinyl flooring with HDF core board, as the cork backing smoothes out minor bumps and provides additional footfall sound protection.


Install the planks parallel to the incidence of light and start on the brightest side of the room. Now calculate the plank width for the first and the last row, push the first planks together and align them with spacer wedges, taking into account the expansion joint. Thanks to our MultiTool and the Safe-Lock PRO click system, installation is very simple: place the Multitool underneath, position the plank, push it together, lay it down and hammer it into place if necessary.

Special features

For heating pipes, transfer the position and saw out a 10 mm wider hole. Then saw out a piece, install the plank and glue the cut-out. Long door frames can be shortened with a saw. Since you cannot lift the plank up here, cut off the nubs and glue the plank. At door transitions, the expansion joints are covered with profiles.


In our Parador range we also offer skirtings that match your vinyl flooring. For installation, you should first remove the spacer wedges and then use the drilling template to attach a clip every 40 – 50 cm. Now you can simply push the skirting on from above.

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