Parador skirtings and profiles – the successful finish to flooring design


What is a skirting?

Parador skirtings are not only a successful finish to the flooring design. The skirting boards also protect the edges of the floor covering and provide a hygienic and visual finish that harmonises with the rest of the room design. The Parador skirting board ensures that no dirt and grime can get into the grooves, which serve as expansion joints between the wall and the floor covering. Thanks to the skirtings, floor cleaning is a breeze. In addition, the skirtings visually round off the floor coverings.

Skirtings at a glance

Parador offers a wide range of visually coordinated skirtings for a harmonious look for any decor. Alternatively, the colours stainless steel, white and black or a primed surface for the individual colour scheme allow the possibility for deliberate accentuation.

Type overview Parador skirtings
Depending on the condition of the substrate (masonry), the skirting boards can be installed using clips or adhesive joints. Parador skirtings are prepared for easy installation: with a clip system or groove for adhesive installation.
Internal and external corners as well as end caps and transition caps hide saw cuts and make mitre cuts unnecessary. The practical, flexible skirting caps create clean transitions, corner solutions and finishes for the skirtings SL3, SL5, SL6 and SL18. The caps are available in aluminium look or white. Parador also offers a new height-variable cap range in plain white for the HL1, HL2 and HL3 Hamburg mouldings.

What is a profile?

Profiles connect, bridge and create finishes for floor aesthetics that are perfect in every respect. As transition profiles, they connect floor coverings of the same height and expansion joints. Adapting profiles are used for the transition between different high floor coverings. End profiles create clean borders with tiles, door sills and French windows.

Profiles at a glance

Aluminium profiles for finishing, adaptation, transition and as stair edge profiles. Aluminium profiles in anodised silver or stainless steel ensure successful transitions from room to room, connect floor coverings of different heights and ensure clean finishes and provide elegant and deft accents. You will find these profiles at Parador in one version each for laminate and vinyl flooring as well as for engineered wood flooring.

Parador profiles
Accessories and care with system
A perfect overall impression is a question of detail: as a system supplier, Parador offers exactly matching accessories for installation and value retention. Ease of assembly and low maintenance create long-lasting enjoyment when it comes to your floor – from the beginning.