Mouldings for ClickBoard and panels – the crowning glory of ceiling and wall design


What is a ceiling moulding?

A ceiling moulding creates the soft, aesthetic transition between wall and ceiling. This is especially important if the ceiling and wall are different in colour. At the same time, it conceals the expansion joint, which should be adhered to when installing wall and ceiling panels and Parador ClickBoard professionally.
Similar to skirtings, there are also mouldings for wall and ceiling design in various formats: whether small and minimalist or expressive – Parador mouldings match all furnishing styles and make a beautiful eye-catcher in the upper part of the room.

Mouldings for ClickBoard and panels at a glance
Accessories and care with system
A perfect overall impression is a question of detail: as a system supplier, Parador offers exactly matching accessories for installation and value retention. Ease of assembly and low maintenance create long-lasting enjoyment when it comes to your floor – from the beginning.