Underlays – the perfect base for the flooring


What is an underlay?

An underlay fulfils different tasks in order to provide the installed floor covering with the optimum base. Underlays from Parador reduce ambient noise and footfall sound and also compensate for minor bumps. This ensures that the floor covering can be installed straight and evenly. This is especially important for renovation work. At the same time, the underlay offers high compressive strength and prevents the floor covering from being damaged by high compressive loads.


However, an underlay is not only important for the installation as well as the footfall sound insulation, but also plays a major role in moisture regulation and walking comfort. With an integrated vapour barrier the right underlay ensures the required moisture protection in the case of mineral substrates. If an underlay without a vapour barrier is used for mineral substrates, a PE film must also be used. When choosing the right underlay, not only the material but also the thickness should be considered, because the installation of the footfall sound insulation changes the installation height of the flooring.

Underlays at a glance

Akustik-Protect 50
Akustik-Protect 80
Akustik-Protect 100
Akustik-Protect 500
Akustik-Protect Rigid

Comparison of application areas for Parador underlays

Are you looking for the right underlay for your Parador floor? In the following download you will find a clear comparison of all products.