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From café to designer apartment

Chance led Lena Musmann from Hamburg to her dream apartment in the sought-after Altona district. During a walk, the graphic designer saw that the premises of an old café were being renovated – and sought direct contact with the owner to secure the beautiful rooms in a typically Hanseatic old building. With success.


Scandinavian flair on the Elbe

Lena Musmann was able to live out her passion for design and interior in her dream apartment: "I enjoy living "special". A listed corner house, large double doors and lots of space – but old, worn terracotta tiles gave the room a 70s air and swallowed the daylight. In order to make the dream of a designer apartment come true after all, the flooring was quickly replaced with the light Parador engineered wood flooring "Oak White pore".

The wide plank from the 11-5 product line reflects the light and illuminates the 45 square metre living space. The calm assortment and the generous plank format, in combination with linear furniture, give the room a Scandinavian flair. There has already been much recognition for the successful redesign of the former café: walkers regularly ask if they can take a look inside. And of course there is still coffee – but only for friends.

Engineered wood flooring
Oak White pore
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All facts at a glance

Hamburg Altona, Germany
Engineered wood flooring
Product line:
Basic 11-5
Oak White pore
Wide plank
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