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A classic remerges

Stately mansions, magnificent castles and glamourous apartments would not have their noble ambiance without the all-important Chevron wooden flooring. Unmistakable with its "V" in the laying pattern, this traditional flooring is making a comeback and enhancing our interiors in a timeless fashion. 

Since the early 16th century, the noble floor inspired by the famous Flame Stitch pattern has graced our living spaces and today celebrates its return to modernity.


The French version of the herringbone pattern is being given a new lease of life in interior design and stylishly integrated into contemporary home designs. In the process, the dynamically aligned geometric shapes add a special flair to any room. 

Stepping back to flooring, wooden flooring was very popular in the 17th and 18th centuries and spread from Europe to North American in the 1930s. However, synthetic fabric carpets soon took over in popularity due to price point and many of these beautiful floors were covered over. 

Interior trends changed again in the 1980s and some lucky homeowners started to strip back their carpets and reveal real solid wood flooring in the unique patterns of the past. If you are not fortunate enough to have an 18th century chevron flooring hiding under your carpets then don’t despair, with Parador we have you covered.


Six multi-faceted oak floors ranging from light colours in classic natural tones and rich, dark nuances set new accents in the classic chevron look.  

The abundance of installation options creates plenty of scope for a completely individual design of one's own dream floor. The individual planks can be combined not only in the familiar herringbone look, but also in a wide range of variations.  

The installation of a chevron parquet requires a high degree of precision and craftsmanship. For a durable connection stability, a full-surface gluing as well as installation by a professional is required. 

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Six elegant oak floors in chevron design

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