Plain white shiny D003

SL 18
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Plain white shiny D003 Parador
Dimensions 2.200 * 16,5 * 70 mm

The straight-lined and simple Parador decor skirting SL 18 blends into every living room ambience in a modern and elegant fashion. It impresses among other things by its excellent surface quality and the high-quality MDF core. The moulding is also torsion-free, fully coated on the edges and suitable for use in wet rooms. Installation is very easy thanks to the red Parador moulding clips.

Format: 70 x 16,5 x 2200 mm
Product category Mouldings
Product series SL 18
Dimensions 2.200 * 16,5 * 70 mm
Wood and Decor type Fantasy
Colour white
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