Laminate flooring – the great variety


What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is durable, promotes healthy living and is extremely easy to care for – ideal for use in a variety of residential areas. The wide selection of decors, formats and surface structures allows a very individual room design with contemporary looks and an authentic feel for a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.


Three basic product lines offer guidance to help you discover the right laminate flooring for you easily and reliably. The selection is varied, starting with natural maple and oak, beech and walnut, stone imitations and unique designs for unmistakable laminate flooring. With the intelligent click system, you can quickly and effortlessly benefit from a real "Made in Germany" all-rounder.

Healthy living
Product lines
The product structure laminate
Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring

Product lines Basic, Classic, Trendtime

1. Overlay

2. Decor paper

3. HDF core board

4. Counter layer

5. Safe-Lock® PRO*


*Exception for Trendtime 3: Click connection Allround-Click System

The product structure laminate
Laminate flooring
Plank formats
Plank looks
Surface design
Real beauty amazes not only the eye: the natural-looking surfaces of the Parador laminate floors, together with the joint image, offer an impressively coherent overall experience. While the joint design distinguishes the characteristic profile of the floor, the texture embossing accentuates the materiality of the decor significantly, such as wood, stone or concrete. It is embossed deeper and flatter, but is always perceptible and friendly to those who walk on it barefoot, with shoes or on four paws: hard-wearing and easy to care for.

Guarantee and certificates

Parador offers premium quality "Made in Germany and Austria". Our many years of experience provides the foundation for this and is combined with the drive to constantly develop our expertise further in all relevant areas. Our customers can recognise the quality of our products by the brilliance of the decors, the perfection of the workmanship and the authenticity of the textures. That is why we offer our customers an extended manufacturer's warranty, depending on the selected product and the type and intensity of use. These can be viewed or downloaded here – as well as the individual product certificates. The declarations of performance for the products can be found in the respective technical data sheets, which are also available for download here.

Download guarantee terms
Accessories for laminate flooring
We understand high-quality floors in a holistic way: the perfect interplay of all elements underlines the systemic principles that set Parador apart. In terms of design and quality, our accessories continue the high-quality line of laminate flooring right down to the last detail. Skirting boards, end caps, underlays and optimum care make your flooring what it is: the stage of your life.

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