Plain black D002

SL 2
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Plain black D002 Parador
Dimensions 2.200 * 19,5 * 50 mm

Discreetly rounded as well as narrow in width and therefore space-saving, the Parador decor skirting SL 2 is a torsion-free moulding with a high-quality MDF core and is suitable for use in wet rooms. In optical terms, it captivates by its modern impression and excellent surface quality. It is fully coated on the edges. The green Parador moulding clips are suitable for installation purposes.

Format: 50 x 19,5 x 2570 mm
Product category Mouldings
Product series SL 2
Dimensions 2.200 * 19,5 * 50 mm
Wood and Decor type Fantasy
Colour black
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